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4 Day Elite Mentorship Program


An important component of any professional athlete’s performance optimization program is off-season training and healthcare. During this course, participants will view advanced techniques used in specific sports related dysfunctions and injuries that are difficult to access in a clinical environment or educational institution. In addition, participants will get the opportunity to observe actual assessments and treatments of professional hockey players, receive hands-on instructional coaching, and participate in an open analytical discussion and case review. New, unique and exciting cases are seen each and every week.


This course is designated for 22 Continuing Education hours. Continuing education credit (CE) is provided by New York Chiropractic College (NYCC).


The instructor to participant ratio is 1:3 maximum. There are limited spots available during the summer.


  • Observe & measure the adaptive abilities of an elite level athlete;
  • Learn functional assessment techniques that will provide a global screen to identify areas requiring treatment;
  • Assess & predict common adaptive patterns from playing hockey;
  • Differentiate between normal adaptive patterns and abnormal adaptive patterns;
  • Identify & prioritize regions to treat in the sequence that will result in maximum performance gains;
  • Observe how functional treatments can produce immediate changes in strength gains, range of motion & recruitment patterns;
  • Investigate & locate old injuries or biomechanical inefficiencies that may inhibit performance and/or career longevity;


  • Practical, experiential learning environment at Matt Nichol’s or Gary Robert’s Private Gym & Off-Season Professional Hockey Training Camp.
  • Observation of professional athletes completing strength training movements to achieve optimal performance and participate in analytical discussion.
  • Up to twelve hours of observation of treating and assessing professional athletes.
  • Debrief assessments and treatments.
  • Up to four hours of hands-on training.
  • Instruction and practice with touch and palpation.
  • Observe advanced electroacupuncture techniques.


Click here to learn more & apply:

Click here to learn more & apply:


Licensed Chiropractors and Licensed Physiotherapists.
Graduates of the McMaster University Contemporary Acupuncture Program.
Entrance interview with Dr. Prebeg required.

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