Dear Colleagues:

One question that I am asked frequently is, “How did I build a successful practice of treating professional athletes?” When I openly respond that, “treating professional athletes was never the driving force behind my career,” it surprises many people.

The guiding principle of my practice has always been to be the best possible manual medicine practitioner. But, what makes a practitioner successful is an idea often misunderstood.

Many practitioners believe that only the modality is the key to a good practice; that if a treatment failed, the modality chosen was ineffective. However, the application of the right modality, at the right time, in the right area is the foundation of beginning to treat a client most effectively. A practitioner must go deeper than the area where it hurts. He/she must assess where it hurts and treat where it works.

The motivation to continuously learn and refine your knowledge and skills will enable you to succeed in the field of your own choosing. If you want to learn why I’m successful, begin with embracing continuous learning.

I invite you to join me in this course as I share the functional assessment tools and real life practical skills that will help you build your own thriving practice.

Dr. Michael Prebeg
Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

Foundations in Neuro-Functional Assessment


This workshop is designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and real life clinical practice. We will cover tested paradigms that are utilized by leading manual medicine practitioners to deliver optimal results. The learning objective of this course is rooted in a therapeutic approach called “Adaptive Potential”. Adaptive Potential is a process to help uncover, locate, extract and target areas/regions of altered or abnormal movement patterns. This assessment model will free you from relying solely upon the current structural model taught in schools. In addition, treatment plan and complex neuromechanical issues will be dealt with in a step-by-step process with very clear functional objective outcome measures. Taking complex problems and breaking them down into step-by-step achievable goals to ensure progress is being made.


This course is designated for 12 Continuing Education hours. Continuing education credit (CE) is provided by the New York Chiropractic College (NYCC).


This courses is a very hands on active course in a small group environment. Each participant will have direct access to an instructor and will be coached through the assessment maneuvers. A light snack and coffee will be provided to begin each evening session of the course.


  • Review the most effective orthopedic tests used by prominent orthopedic surgeons. Dr. John Theodoropoulos, MD (Lecturer)
  • Review musculoskeletal functional assessments used by elite strength and conditioning coaches. Mr. Matt Nichol, Renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach (Lecturer)
  • Understand the dynamics of working within a multidisciplinary orthopedic environment, including disciplines such as: medical doctors, orthopedic surgeons, strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Use an effective decision-tree model, and concise questioning along with active listening techniques to uncover precise and relevant historical patient information.
  • Observe patient posture, movements, and interaction with gravity and force as an integral part of assessment.
  • Learn practical methods of palpation to locate superficial lines of tension (most relevant to the underlying condition) that lead to creating a hierarchical treatment plan designed to produce optimal therapeutic response.
  • Learn palpation techniques that will help you investigate fascial, joint, metabolic, capsular and/or muscular restrictions that provide key information for prognostics.


  • A series of presentations by Lead Instructor Dr. Michael Prebeg.
  • Lecture by renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach, Matt Nichol.
  • Lecture by Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. John Theodoropoulos.
  • Practical, experiential learning environment.
  • Observation of assessment of live cases.
  • Hands-on instruction and practice of palpation and assessment.
  • Debrief assessment and treatment approaches.
  • Participants guide with reinforcement reference tools.


Early Bird Registration 
Deadline: October 1, 2017

Licensed Practitioner Rate = $999 CDN - $150.00 = $849.00
1st year Graduates, Medical Residents, Last year Students Rate: $849.00 - $150.00 = $699.00  CDN 
*Limited positions available
HST is applicable

Registration After October 1, 2017

Licensed Practitioner Rate = $999.00 CDN
1st year Graduates, Medical Residents, Last year Students Rate: $849.00  CDN 
*Limited positions available
HST is applicable


Third and fourth year chiropractic students.
Physiotherapy students in their final year.
Practicing Athletic Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physiotherapists.

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